Engage & Involve

We invest in and share our expertise with others.

We actively engage and involve ourselves in the contexts in which we operate. We dedicate our time and expertise to support schools and other businesses. We provide financial support to various national and international initiatives that align with our values.

“Leveraging our extensive product knowledge, we cultivate lasting relationships and guide our customers towards sustainable choices.”

A few examples of initiatives:

  • Code of Conduct: Our shared hub for company culture and identity communication, communicating who we are.
  • Partnerships with Sustainable Projects: Hand in Hand, Plantmore, and Habitat for Humanity.
  • Leveraging exceptional customer service and product expertise, we cultivate lasting customer relationships and guide them toward sustainable choices that minimize resource waste and foster environmental and economic sustainability.
  • Active collaboration with Unionen.
  • Reinvesting profits to drive organic growth.
  • Onboard and educate acquired companies on sustainable business practices for long-term success.
  • Opportunity for volunteer work during work hours.
  • Empowering customers to support our chosen sustainability projects through their purchases.
  • Well-defined and comprehensive processes for long-term business plan and budget planning.
  • Proactive and Structured Board and Management Team Collaboration.

What does this mean for us?
We generously share our expertise and time and are committed to passing it forward. Through exceptional customer service and a high-quality product mainly produced on demand, we exceed customer expectations, minimize resource waste, and build strong long-term relationships where we have the privilege of involving the customer and enabling sustainable choices. We promote sustainable living by embracing timeless, well-designed products.

Our initiatives within the Engage & Involve perspective align with the UN’s Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals:

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