Hand in Hand Sweden

Bloom, Buzz & Business

Sunflowers + Wallpaper = Empowering Women through Entrepreneurship
We proudly announce our commitment to a new innovative and sustainable charity project called Bloom, Buzz & Business, organized by Hand in Hand Sweden.

Bloom, Buzz & Business is an inspiring project combining sunflower cultivation and honey production in Kenya to empower women, support ecological and economic sustainability, and help create a more equal and sustainable world. The aim is to make small-scale agricultural entrepreneurs, primarily women, more sustainable, profitable, and resilient while strengthening biodiversity. To make them blossom.

Besides our yearly donation, we will also donate 50% of our revenues this year for our unique hand-painted wallpaper Sunflowers, Yellow, to the Bloom, Buzz & Business project, which empowers women to create a better future for themselves. 

Hand in Hand Sweden believes that every person has the power and ability to lift themselves out of poverty and that future generations can contribute to a sustainable future. The goal is to combat poverty through entrepreneurship, primarily focusing on women.

“Studies show that women generally invest 90% of their income in the well-being of their families, while men only invest about 30%. When women are given a higher economic and social status, it positively impacts the family and the community.”

Hand in Hand

A beautiful project close to our heart and mission.

“I believe in the power of entrepreneurship and its ability to strengthen and help create a more equal and sustainable world. We are proud to collaborate with Hand in Hand Sweden in their important work to empower women and support ecological and economic sustainability with their Bloom, Buzz, and Business project.”

Irene Gimmersta

Expected results by 2025:  

  • 4,830 people undergo training in beekeeping or sunflower cultivation
  • 2,280 micro-enterprises are started/strengthened
  • 2,964 jobs are started/strengthened
  • 40% increased income for the entrepreneurs

The Bloom Buzz and Business project supports 5/17 of UN’s global sustainability goals for Agenda 2030:

By starting sustainable micro-enterprises, creating new jobs, and increasing incomes, the project contributes to poverty reduction for the participants, their families, and future generations.

Beekeeping is traditionally a male occupation. The project enables and encourages women to engage in this profitable business. Project participants are trained in gender equality and there’s a component of rights training to strengthen the role of women.

The project strengthens productivity and profitability in micro-enterprises, which creates more jobs that contribute to sustainable growth in the local economy.

Participants gain increased knowledge of how they can use climate-smart methods in their businesses to strengthen resilience against the effects of climate change and have a long-term sustainable business.

Participants are trained in environmentally sustainable beekeeping and sunflower cultivation methods, creating a mutually reinforcing system that benefits insects and bees.

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